In Memory

Jaymie Fraley

Jaymie Fraley

 8th Grade at St. Bernadette's

Only a Memory

Your smile, your laughter
...Only a memory.
Your voice, your personality
...Only a memory.

Sometimes people mention your name.
Some just keep quiet.
But no matter what is or isn’t said.
You’re always on someone’s mind.

Many years have gone by,
But it seems like only yesterday,
You were by your family’s side.

We can only think of whom you’d be,
To us, you only remain a memory.

It’s been a while since you’ve been gone.
For your friends and family, things just aren’t the same.
It still doesn’t seem real.
Who holds the blame?

If love could have saved you,
You’d still be here today.
The love we hold for you,
Will never change.

As you lay in a still rest,
God broke our hearts to prove he took the best.
Everything you did, everything you were.
It’s only a memory.

  by Erica McLean

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01/18/09 09:22 PM #1    

Mark Blassage

I believe it was Mark Lund who told me that Jaymie always said, "If you're going to drive a convertible, you gotta have convertible hair."

02/05/09 08:59 AM #2    

Mary Ann Zwicky Suprenant

I remember that convertible, a bunch of us went driving with the radio cranked, stopped on the side of the road and got out and danced in the street!

02/12/09 07:10 PM #3    

Jodi Bufalo (Carey)

Jaymie, Jaymie...what a character. A true sweet guy that I met in grade school. I remember when we were seniors we did our famous senior prank. Well, Mr. Fraley came up with this idea to TP the school via his plane. Sounded like a GREAT idea. So,
of course, I was in. I went to all classmates, raised some cash, went to Jewel and bought all the toilet paper. I went to Airport and delivered the product. Well, of course in true Boylan fashion, their was a meeting that night. Best part, my Mom, was there at a Festa meeting, they heard the TP hitting the roof. We were busted...they could read the numbers on the plane. In true Boylan fashion, they busted ALL of us. They guys tried to cover. Funny, after 25 years, Frank Beldowski and I were talking about that night. Frank didn't I was busted too and had to mow the lawn and received demerits. Too funny...Jaymie, you were were such a sweet guy. I miss you. I think of you and smile! I know that my LOVE for planes and airshows came from you.

02/14/09 01:37 PM #4    

Velia Zammuto

I will never get over the loss of my special friend Jaymie. One early morning in 1987 Jaymie decided he'd go outside his scheduled route to come and say hello to me. I layed in bed listening to what sounded like an airplane right over my bedroom. I decided to get up and look. Sure enough it was him. I ran down my steps but never made it to the bottom before i heard a crash. It was then that Jaymie lost his life right in my neighborhood. This moment was one of the my most difficult moments i ever had to face. The loss of a Best Friend! Gosh, i miss him so so much. Love you Jaymie!

02/15/09 03:00 PM #5    

John Benthal

I remember meeting Jaymie my freshman year and he had one of the first walkmans out on the market. We were all so impressed putting the headphones on and hearing all that 80s music. (The Cars and Devo). R.I.P.

03/06/09 12:15 AM #6    

Eileen Morrissey

I met Jaymie Senior year. Convertible hair. Devo. B-52's. That's when I also met Jamymie's best friend, Sten. Sten also lost his life way too early a year or so later. I wonder what they would be doing now. Sten, always kept in contact with me through college, when I was attending Columbia and the Art Inst. in Chicago. Both men were so full of life. One night, I think it was Homecoming weekend, Senior year, and we had our first "Bean Bash" with some friends from Guilford, who were actually H. Family buddies too. Jaymie was there, and saw a picture of the Kennedy's in my parent's living room. He asks, "So, are you related to the Kennedy's?" He was serious. I cracked up. It was an inside joke from that point on.

It was so fun at Jaymie's during xmas. Who else had like a 20 ft tree growing in their living room....only at Cottonwood Airport.

For prom, his mom opened up their house, to host breakfast for all of Jaymie's friends. It was an honor to be friends with Jaymie and Sten.
Sten didn't attend Boylan, but it was almost as if he did. To Jaymie and Sten and I think I can say that we will always miss and love you, from all of your "Convertible Hair" know who you are......We will dance to "Rock Lobster" at the Reunion in honor of you.....

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